How can I apply for a power variation?

To vary the available power, the customer must submit a request to their supplier, which will act as an intermediary with the distributor regarding both formulation of the quotation and confirmation of the customer’s variation request, if they accept the quote.

If the change concerns a supply with a value of more than € 250 + VAT, the supplier informs the customer directly of the costs and the maximum time for performing the service (so-called quick quotation) at the time of the request. In such cases, the supplier by default sends the request within 2 working days to the distributor, who performs the service within the time limit.

If it is not possible to use the quick quotation, the supplier sends the request to the distributor within 2 working days; within the next 15 working days, the distributor formulates a quotation to the supplier, which sends it to the customer within 2 working days. If the customer accepts the quotation as specified therein, the distributor performs the service within the time specified in the quotation.
When acting as an intermediary between the customer and the distributor to send requests, communications and documents, the supplier must do so within a maximum of two working days.