When must the requested power variation be carried out?

When only the meter is involved, the distributor must increase the power within 5 working days of receiving the customer's request through the supplier (the time is the same as for the supply activation request).

If simple or complex work is required (i.e. the work is not limited to the meter), the customer will receive a quotation through their supplier. The distributor must make the quotation available within 15 working days of receiving the customer's request through the supplier.

When acting as an intermediary between the customer and the distributor to forward requests, communications and documents, the supplier must do so within a maximum of two working days.

The quotation specifies the time available to the distributor to perform the service:

  • 10 working days if the work is simple;
  • 50 working days if the work is complex.

If the power increase takes place beyond the expected time for reasons attributable to the distributor, domestic customers will receive automatic compensation of € 35 for variations made within twice the expected time, € 70 within three times the expected time and € 105 after three times the expected time. For non-domestic LV customers, the compensation amounts are € 70, € 140 and € 210, subject to change.