We have been working in the energy sector for over 60 years to improve the environment and people's lives.


Our business started in 1958, in the LPG sector, with a concentration in the Piemonte and Liguria regions. After a decade of unwavering commitment, we are the first company to achieve excellent results in the sector, with exponential growth continuing throughout the following decades, thanks to an increasingly structured and diversified sales network . Since 2006, our range of services has become even more competitive as we invest in alternative and renewable energies: 100% green gas & power, LNG, technical gas and energy saving solutions. This new approach is reinforced and confirmed by the creation of the AGN ENERGIA brand in 2019. Today we are AGN ENERGIA SPA, a leader in the LPG market, with strong ambitions in all energy sectors.

As part of AGN ENERGIA’s development path to contribute to the goals of ecological transition, we also wanted to invest in BIO LPG as an alternative solution that could contribute to achieving carbon neutrality in the future, alongside other solutions for energy efficiency, energy production from renewable sources and development of energy communities.

Follow us into the future to find out how our story continues.


Thanks to our nationwide presence, we can provide timely action and ongoing maintenance when requested by customers.

Today, we at AGN ENERGIA operate in all LPG sectors:

  • Civil heating
  • Industrial sector
  • Agricultural sector
  • Automotive sector
  • Wholesale market

Not only that, we also operate as an energy company, working at high levels in all energy sectors:

  • Light & Gas
  • Energy efficiency
  • LNG
  • Technical Gases



For us, energy is not just a solution or a product. For us, energy is everything that moves the world through development, growth and evolution constantly aiming to improve human and environmental conditions. For us, energy is the strength that comes from the enterprise and enthusiasm of those who believe in cultural, joint and recreational activities that enrich our social fabric. For us, energy is everything we can do to make the place we live in more virtuous , from the smallest neighbourhood to the largest ecosystem.

That is why we promote initiatives in line with our corporate philosophy, dealing with all energy sectors, with the aim of fostering sustainable development, growth and evolution.
We have always been a dynamic and flexible company, close to the needs of our customers, always focused on the efficiency and quality of our services and products. Every day, we are at the forefront to safeguard environmental sustainability and comply with all applicable safety regulations in order to protect our consumers. Our growth is also based on a constant search for new partners through acquisitions, participations and by creating start-ups.


AGN ENERGIA è l'azienda di energia specializzata nella fornitura di Luce, Gas Metano e Gas GPL. Scopri chi siamo e le nostre offerte. - 2