When must the new connection be made?

The authority has determined the maximum times to be observed by energy suppliers and distributors when carrying out their activities, although the customer is also partially responsible. The quicker you are to send the necessary documentation and accept the quotation, the quicker the supply will be activated. After receiving the documentation, AGN ENERGIA will send the request for inspection to the distributor within 2 working days. According to the regulations, the distributor has 15 working days from receiving the request to carry out the inspection and send the quotation. To proceed, the customer must accept the quotation and make the payment as specified. In addition, after an inspection by the distributor’s technician, if the customer then has work to do, they must fill out a document called work completion sheet/technical specifications and send it to the distributor. On receiving the work completion sheet/technical specifications, the distributor will contact the customer to schedule the second technician's visit and, in accordance with regulations, carry out the connection and installation work within 10 working days (50 days in the case of complex work). Once it receives confirmation from the distributor that the meter has been installed, AGN ENERGIA will activate the supply.