What is the time for the take-over after modification of the system?

The authority has determined the maximum times that energy suppliers and distributors must adhere to when carrying out their activities; but, in part, the time also depends on the customer. The quicker they are to send the necessary documentation, the quicker the supply will be activated.

After submitting the request, the customer will receive the form for the "Verification of resolution 40/2014" by e-mail, which they will have to fill in with the help of the certified technician who built/modified the gas system. They will then have to send it to the distributor, together with the chamber of commerce certificate of the technician’s company, following the instructions provided.

If the documentation is complete with all parts filled in correctly, and the conformity and the system passes the safety checks, the distributor will contact you within 10 working days to arrange for the technician to remove the seals from the meter.