What is the time to make the connection and install the meter?

The authority has determined the maximum times that energy suppliers and distributors must adhere to when carrying out their activities; but, in part, the time also depends on whether the customer sends the required documentation on time.

The procedure involves the following steps:

  • request submission: 2 working days after receiving the contract/documentation
  • Inspection: the distributor has 15 working days (30 for complex work) to schedule the technician's visit and send the quotation.
  • Quotation acceptance: on receiving the quotation for the work, the customer must accept it in the manner and within the time specified therein, and make payment.
  • Execution of work: the distributor will send a technician to the customer’s house and the work must be carried out within 10 days (60 days for complex work).
  • Once Annexes H/40 and I/40 have been filled in and signed, the customer must send all forms to AGN ENERGIA.
  • Meter installation and activation: if the documentation is complete with all parts filled in correctly, and the conformity and the system passes the safety checks, the distributor will contact you to arrange for the technician to remove the seals from the meter. The distributor has 10 working days to complete this task.