What is the billing frequency?

For an electricity supply contract, domestic customers will receive a bill every 2 months and business and/or apartment block customers will be billed monthly.
Important: the amount of the first bill will be calculated on the basis of the customer's consumption for the last year (which the distributor will inform us of when switching to AGN ENERGIA). No need to worry if it turns out to be too high or too low, the next one will be updated with the actual consumption. In any case, you can always request rectification, even for the first bill, by contacting us on our toll-free number. In order to ensure the bills are as close as possible to the actual consumption, we recommend taking at least one self-reading per month. If the gas and electricity meters are of the new generation, there will be no need to take a self-reading because we will automatically receive the actual consumption from the distributor.

What are AGN ENERGIA's economic conditions for electricity and how is the price made up?
For the electricity supply, the following items will be invoiced on the bill:

  • energy cost;
  • electricity transport and meter management cost;
  • system charges.

In addition to these fees, taxes are due.