How do I communicate self-readings I have taken and what are the times for doing so?

The correct time within which the customer should communicate the self-readings taken and the corresponding date in order to avoid estimates and/or adjustments, is: within the last 3 days of even-numbered months of the year for domestic users; within the last 3 days of the month for business users.

The self-reading can be submitted by calling the toll-free number 800.80.81.80 extension 2. Follow the voice guide and give the numbers before the decimal point.

The self-reading can also be sent via MY AGN, the digital bill, on the specified days.

REMINDER: readings submitted by the customer will be used to calculate the next bill, if validated by the distributor. Furthermore, we inform you that in the absence of self-readings taken by the customer and/or readings from the distributor, the bill is issued on account in relation to the contracted annual consumption and/or historical basis.